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截至目前,这并不可能。正如从 CentOS 7.x 迁移到您选择的 RHEL 衍生版本的 8.x 版本,或者在同一衍生版本中从 8.x 升级到 9.x。 维持您的应用程序、数据和精神状态。 运行您需要的最新版本的操作系统和软件。 Run the most recent version of the OS and software you need.


The beating heart of ELevate is the 包演化服务 (PES) which allows you to download, customize and even submit new data sets for packages. Users and maintainers can both utilize the PES to help make migrations smooth and easy.


EL易升是以一种与发行版无关的方式开发的,它是作为整个生态系统的工具而构建的,而不仅仅是 AlmaLinux。 EL易升支持迁移到/出其他发行版,并且对所有人开放以做出贡献和增强。

ELevate is a project aimed to provide the ability to upgrade between major versions of RHEL-based distributions from 7.x to 8.x and from 8.x to 9.x. It combines Red Hat's Leapp framework with a community-created migration metadata library and service.
First join us in the ~migration Mattermost channel. You can find the tool code in the AlmaLinux GitHub organization 您可以在以下位置添加/编辑/与包元数据交互
ELevate has been used to migrate production environments across industries and across the world, but we still advise caution. Every environment is different and unique based on applications and configurations. To avoid any surprises, we highly recommend that you test upgrades scenarios in a virtual machine or sandbox before running a upgrades in production.
Currently, ELevate project supports the following upgrade and migration directions: ELevate scheme CentOS7 -> AlmaLinux, CentOS Stream, EuroLinux, Oracle, Rocky 8 -> AlmaLinux, CentOS Stream, EuroLinux, Rocky 9 * - migration to CentOS Stream 9 is currently in development and will be available later.
** - migration to Oracle Linux 9 is available with the Oracle Leapp utility and will not be supported by ELevate project.
Note: If you use cPanel, we recommend using the cPanel ELevate fork.
What does the Package Evolution Service (PES) do?
The Package Evolution Service stores package migration metadata. Metadata answers questions about how packages evolve between major distribution releases. PES supports several classes of rules for packages such as added, removed, renamed, split, merged, and so on. The service also allows everyone to improve the data by adding new actions or even create a custom dataset for packages from third-party or private repositories.
Red Hat提供了一个非免费授权的数据集。你们使用相同的数据集吗?
No. We respect Red Hat’s work and our initial data set was provided by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation with contributions from Oracle.
元数据是在 Apache 许可下提供的。
Our contributors have been part of the RHEL ecosystem for a very long time, and we recognized that the CentOS ecosystem is a very large and diverse community. We've developed this project in good faith in the hope that everyone in the community can use and contribute to, no matter which distro you prefer. That's the open source way.