Live Launch Of The First AlmaLinux OS Stable Release

Watch the live stream Recording!

To celebrate the launch of the stable release of AlmaLinux OS, we hosted an event showcasing the team, the community, and the goals we’ve achieved on March 30th, 2021. There were surprises and swag!SurpriseWATCH THE LIVE STREAM RECORDING

After a little more than three very intense months in development, we are incredibly proud to present AlmaLinux OS's stable version to our wonderful community. Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we tailored the release to meet specific needs while keeping it stable and secure for everyone to rely on as an enterprise platform.In the last four months, we - the mind of AlmaLinux OS - did our part in preparing the infrastructure for a stable release. But we couldn’t possibly be here without you, the community - the soul of AlmaLinux OS. With your commitment to Beta and Release Candidate testing, it's now possible for us to deliver the release on the date we committed with the first Project Lenix announcement - Q1 2021.The first stable release of AlmaLinux is a significant milestone for the Open Source community. We intend to celebrate our team's achievement, the achievement of the community, and the achievement of the Open Source movement at large.We couldn't have a proper celebration without our fantastic team members sharing their thoughts and experiences and we couldn't celebrate without our community members' and partners' ideas and future expectations.Our live event at 10 am EST on Tuesday, the 30th of March 2021 featured interviews, announcements, and special surprises. If you've been following us this far and are interested in AlmaLinux OS, this was the place to be! WATCH THE LIVE STREAM RECORDING

CloudLinux and the community are a great team! We appreciate the hard work of every member of this alliance!Come along for the ride! The journey has just begun.