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源于社区,服务于社区的自由 Linux 操作系统

一个开源的、由社区拥有并治理且永久免费的企业 Linux 发行版,专注于长期稳定性,提供一个强大的生产级平台。AlmaLinux OS 与 RHEL® 和 CentOS Stream 是 1:1 的二进制兼容。


我们的 GitHub 组织包含用于构建 AlmaLinux OS和相关基础设施的源代码和工具。



加入我们充满活力的 Reddit 社区,与其他 AlmaLinux OS用户互动,接收更新,寻找并提供帮助。


加入与其他 AlmaLinux OS社区成员、管理团队和 AlmaLinux OS开发人员的实时讨论。


向 AlmaLinux OS 社区中的其他人和开发人员提出问题、获得答案并提供社区支持。

关于 AlmaLinux OS

AlmaLinux OS 是一个开源的、社区驱动的 Linux 操作系统,它填补了 CentOS Linux 稳定版本停产留下的空白。 AlmaLinux OS 是 RHEL® 的 1:1 二进制兼容分支。 由社区引导和建设。

作为一个独立的、完全免费的操作系统,AlmaLinux OS享有 CloudLinux Inc 每年 100 万美元的赞助和其他赞助商的支持。 正在进行的开发工作由社区成员管理。

AlmaLinux OS基金会是一个 501(c)(6) 非营利组织,旨在为 AlmaLinux OS社区带来利益。


AlmaLinux OS 是一个企业级服务器操作系统和一个稳定的 Linux 发行版,定期发布,支持窗口很长。 您可以依靠 AlmaLinux OS 来运行任何关键工作负载。


AlmaLinux OS 基金会成员、赞助商和合作伙伴通过投资和长期支持承诺支持 AlmaLinux OS,以确保分发不受限制、费用和收费。


切换发行版通常既昂贵又耗时,但从 CentOS 和其他 RHEL 切换时则并非如此。 分叉到 AlmaLinux OS。 切换很容易 - 阅读方法。



Individuals and organizations that require an enterprise-grade, Fedora-like distribution but who do not want to or cannot pay for a RHEL® license. AlmaLinux OS is also a perfect replacement for anyone who currently relies on the CentOS stable release to achieve computing objectives.

Alma means soul in Spanish and other Latin languages. Looking back, it is easy to see that Linux is as popular and pervasive as it is thanks to the efforts of a passionate, diverse developer community. This community is the soul of Linux, and everyone that relies on a Linux distribution is indebted to the efforts of the Linux community. That is why we called our new distribution AlmaLinux OS.

We’re already doing it – experience with RHEL forks towards CloudLinux. We have the staff, the capabilities, the resources. Frankly: we want to put ourselves on the map re CloudLinux and KernelCare. It is worth the effort.

We are involving the community right through the process, including in the governing board. At all times, AlmaLinux OS will be free and open. The community can pick the project at any time.

CloudLinux's core product, the CloudLinux OS, is a RHEL® fork that has been in place for over ten years. More than 4,000 companies including Dell, Liquid Web, and 1&1 rely on the CloudLinux OS across more than 200,000 product installations. CloudLinux has proven experience in creating and maintaining a RHEL fork and have done so starting with RHEL release 5, right through to release 8. AlmaLinux OS is an opportunity for us to channel our expertise in RHEL into a Linux distribution that serves the broader community. Furthermore, we are including the Linux community right from the inception of AlmaLinux OS. Moving forward, community members will be on the governing board for the AlmaLinux OS project and involved in key decisions too. Finally, AlmaLinux OS will always be free and open source. The community can pick up and continue to develop AlmaLinux OS at any time.

Switching Linux distros can be a headache, but that is not the case when switching from CentOS to AlmaLinux OS. Just like CentOS, AlmaLinux OS is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL®, so switching is simple.

Yes, AlmaLinux OS is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL®, which means that your applications and services will remain compatible. For that reason, you can rapidly migrate any number of servers with just one command.

AlmaLinux OS partners has committed to supporting AlmaLinux OS 8 at least until 2029, including stable and thoroughly tested updates and security patches.


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