AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 are both stable! Checkout AlmaLinux OS 9.4 Stable and AlmaLinux OS 8.10 Stable for more information!

AlmaLinux now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Jack Aboutboul


Did you know that Oracle has a cloud? Yup, that Oracle. It’s pretty cool too.

We’re pleased to announce that AlmaLinux images are now available on Oracle’s OCI Marketplace for both x86_64 and aarch64 architectures.

Thousands of developers around the world rely on Oracle technology and applications to fuel their applications, projects and businesses. Their massive, global developer network relies on Oracle Cloud to help them build some pretty amazing things. If you wanna see just some of these examples, check out some of the content from Pi Day. That’s just scratching the surface, as many enterprise customers rely on the Oracle stack, as well as increasing number of organizations relying on OCI as part of a multi-cloud deployment strategy. They too now have access to the community owned and governed, forever-free enterprise-grade distribution they deserve and have been asking for.

Another element of our collaboration is our long standing friendship with our partners Ampere Computing. Ampere are OCI’s hardware provider for their A1 instance types, which are aarch64 architecture. Ampere has some of the fastest, highest performing processors on the planet and above all that, they’re also more energy efficient. It’s no surprise they are the first “Cloud Native” processor. We’d like to thank their team for work with us on this again and providing awesome technical guidance and just all around collaboration.

Thanks go out to the Oracle Cloud team as well. They have been working hard on engaging more with open source communities and we’re glad to be able to work with them on this collaboration as well. Check out AlmaLinux on Oracle Cloud’s Free Tier and let us know what you think.