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Tenable Providing Nessus Security Checks for AlmaLinux

Jack Aboutboul


Tenable provides coverage of AlmaLinux with the addition of a new Nessus plugin family. The plugin has been released to cover all existing advisories for AlmaLinux.

Nessus is one of the world’s most popular and deployed proprietary vulnerability scanners developed by Tenable. The security checks information is free and available immediately.

As information about new vulnerabilities is discovered and released publicly, The AlmaLinux team updates our errata and OVAL feeds. We’ve been working with the Tenable Research team to help them ingest and utilize those feeds in order to design programs to detect them. These programs are named plugins and are written in the Nessus Attack Scripting Language (NASL). The plugins contain vulnerability information, a simplified set of remediation actions and the algorithm to test for the presence of the security issue.

“Security is a critical piece of sysadmin and hosting functions, and Tenable is helping make sure that information about vulnerabilities is quickly available. Getting access to timing information is critical to understanding and fixing security issues, and we’re pleased that Tenable is providing this valuable tool publicly,” said Jonathan Wright, Infrastructure Lead for AlmaLinux. “We are continuing to work closely with Tenable’s teams to continue to monitor and improve these services that help AlmaLinux users.”

Customers now have the ability to scan AlmaLinux systems using policies that include Linux security checks. Coverage details for the new AlmaLinux plugin is available on the plugin pages for AlmaLinux.