First AlmaLinux Board Election Announces 7 New Seats


- Chair, Board of Directors @AlmaLinux OS Foundation

Over a month ago I announced that we would be holding our first board election. Our nearly 300 members of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation have spent the last two weeks casting their votes for the new board, and I am very happy to announce the newest board. These seven nominees have been elected by the community to serve a three-year term as the AlmaLinux OS Foundation board members.

How the election worked

The AlmaLinux bylaws were set up to include regular elections, to ensure AlmaLinux could achieve the goal of all foundation members having a voice.

  • An election committee was appointed made up of community members and a board member who was not standing for election.
  • Any person who had been a member in good standing for at least three months by the time the election started was eligible to be nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors.
  • The election started on September 4, 2022, and could have run until at least September 19, 2022. If the minimum quorum of 50% membership participation had not been reached by September 19, the election would have stayed open until a quorum was reached.

It was especially exciting for me to see us reach our quorum easily within the first week of the election. Our engaged community is one of the things that proves the worth of AlmaLinux to the world.

Meet the Board

The board has a lot of familiar faces, and a few new ones to meet! This team brings together highly motivated and engaged experts from across industries. This is the group of humans that will help AlmaLinux OS reach its full potential over the next three years.

benny Vasquez

benny Vasquez

benny is the current Chair of the board of AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

Jack Aboutboul

Jack Aboutboul

Jack is a current Director and Community Leader at AlmaLinux.

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps

Simon is a current Director at AlmaLinux, former president of the Open Source Initiative.

Jesse Asklund

Jesse Asklund

Jesse is a current Director at AlmaLinux and the CXO at WebPros.

Daniel Pearson

Daniel Pearson -

Daniel is the CEO of KnownHost, LLC (promoted from COO during the election window), a current AlmaLinux Gold Sponsor, serves on the AlmaLinux OS Foundation membership committee, and is new to the AlmaLinux OS Foundation board.

Moshe Bar

Moshe Bar -

Moshe is the CEO of CodeNotary, Inc., an AlmaLinux Gold Sponsor, and is new to the AlmaLinux OS Foundation board.

Cody Robertson

Cody is the CTO at Hawk Host, Inc., and is new to the board of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

What's next?

The first meeting of this board will happen in early October, and we'll spend a little time onboarding the new members. We'll be looking at everything we've got planned, and starting to look forward to 2023.

For those curious, the notes from our regular board meetings are published in the AlmaLinux wiki, along with the running agenda for the next meeting. If you ever have any questions about something that has been discussed in a board meeting, feel free to send me an email!

If you are interested in finding out more about the AlmaLinux Board of Directors Election 2022, please see: