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AlmaLinux Live: Coming to a city near you

Joe Brockmeier

Longtime open source user, advocate, and contributor

Do you want to learn more about the AlmaLinux OS and AlmaLinux OS Foundation? Good news! We’re going to be attending a number of events through the remainder of 2023, and we might just be in your backyard.

AlmaLinux will have a presence at a number of popular events coming up soon, including:

Talks at OLF and ATO

You’ll also be able to catch talks from benny Vasquez, AlmaLinux OS Foundation Chair, at OLF and All Things Open.

At OLF benny will be speaking on Saturday, September 9th at 10:00 a.m. US Eastern Time on “The Future of AlmaLinux: Building without Following.” Since our inception, AlmaLinux OS has been an exact duplicate of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With Red Hat’s shift away from sharing the full building blocks on, we have been hard at work to define a new, reliable path forward.

At All Things Open, benny will present “Building AlmaLinux OS without RHEL sources code.” In this talk, benny will talk about the plans to plot a path forward for AlmaLinux OS after Red Hat has moved away from hosting RHEL source code on You’ll learn what the project has been doing since June and what AlmaLinux is planning for the future.

Come say hi, take a look at the latest from AlmaLinux, and learn how you can get involved!

AlmaLinux Online

Can’t make it to one of these events (or just don’t want to wait)? Come hang out in the Chat, AlmaLinux Forums, Mailing Lists, or chat with us in realtime. (Need an account? Learn more about AlmaLinux accounts and Single Sign-On (SSO).)