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Official CIS Benchmark for AlmaLinux and OpenSCAP Guide Now Published

Jack Aboutboul


Hello Community. Security minded people rejoice! Today, we are pleased to announce that the Center for Internet Security CIS Benchmark for AlmaLinux OS has been published and is now available.

For those less familiar, what are CIS Benchmarks you ask? CIS Benchmarks are known best methods for the secure configuration of a target system that are both developed and accepted by the government, business, industry, and academia. You can use a CIS-made tool, CIS-CAT, to run and audit and compare the system’s configuration to the benchmark and generate a report that contains all the potential issues with the security.

You can also get started auditing systems immediately. Since the CIS Benchmark is already available for AlmaLinux 8.4 and 8.5 beta, you can run the profile using the very popular OpenSCAP tool. The OpenSCAP tool is used for automated vulnerability checking, which you can run via terminal or use the graphical OpenSCAP Workbench app. We’ve also published an AlmaLinux OpenSCAP Guide on the AlmaLinux Wiki that describes how to get started with both methods. Make sure to check that out.

How can I help?

Be like our tremendous community member and contributor Simon John whose efforts made this all possible. The AlmaLinux community tips their hat to you!

Join US! Do you care about security? If you enjoy working on security and compliance and want to work with a really awesome community come join our Security team. Your help makes a huge difference. Join us on the AlmaLinux Community Chat to pitch in, get help or discuss anything. Catch us on Reddit and Twitter too!