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Sponsor meetup: Migrating from CentOS 7 and Mythbusting Linux on Microsoft Azure

benny Vasquez

Chair, AlmaLinux OS Foundation

Update to add: If you missed this chat, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel, and see the full deck used: Migrating from CentOS 7 and Mythbusting Linux on Microsoft Azure

I’m excited to be hosting a meetup (co-hosted with Microsoft Azure) alongside Claus Wieser from the Azure Linux team at Microsoft!

Date/Time: Tuesday 28 May 2024, 11:00 → 11:40 America/New_York

Register here to be sent the link just before the event.


This was originally planned to be a more traditional webinar, but we’ve decided to shift it to something closer to a meetup. You’ll be able to ask questions directly to us, and even join us on camera! Come hang out with us Tuesday and learn:

  • How Microsoft has adopted and supports Linux, both internally and externally
  • How Azure customers decide what operating system to use
  • How to migrate to AlmaLinux using ELevate


Using Linux on Azure is just as easy as any other cloud, and much more popular than you think! benny from the AlmaLinux OS Foundation will be joined by Claus from the Azure Linux team to bust the myths around using Linux on Azure, and to show how CentOS 6 and 7 users on Azure can upgrade to AlmaLinux using ELevate.

We hope you will join us! If you’re interested, you can register here.