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AlmaLinux for PowerPC 8.5 Stable Now Available!

Jack Aboutboul


Hello Сommunity and PowerPC enthusiasts around the world! The AlmaLinux Foundation is proud to announce that the general availability of AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Stable for ppc64le is live.

Images and Release Notes

You can now grab the image and take a look at the Release Notes for the changelog and installation instructions.

Containers and Cloud Too

All you Container and cloud fans will be happy too. PowerPC 8.5 container images are already available on Docker Hub and should be updated to the latest stable images real soon and we’ll providing a generic cloud (cloud-init) image in the repository as well.


AlmaLinux would like to express our sincere gratitude to those that lent an extra hand to make this release possible. This release would not have been possible without the tremendous support of both the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as well as researchers from CERN and dozens of other PowerPC community members, who have provided resources, testing, feedback and more to help us build and fine tune every aspect of this release. We proud to be a part of, and work with such an amazing community of people across the globe.

How to help

As always, your contributions, feedback and bug reports help make AlmaLinux great. Please, report any bugs you may see on the Bug Tracker. Join the party on the AlmaLinux Community Chat and ask any question you have on our AlmaLinux Community Forum and on Reddit. Catch us on Twitter too.

Looking forward to move releases soon!