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Minimal Container Images now Available on Docker Hub and

Jack Aboutboul


Hello All,

We’ve had a number of requests for minimal container images and we are glad to announce that those are now available on:

Minimal Image

The minimal image is a stripped-down image that uses the microdnf package manager and contains a very limited package set. It is designed for applications that come with their own dependencies bundled (e.g. NodeJS, Python). The almalinux:minimal tag always points to the most recent version of the minimal image. Tags for major (e.g. almalinux:8-minimal) and minor (e.g. almalinux:8.4-minimal) releases are also available.

Platform Image

The default (platform) image is a general-purpose image with a full DNF stack and basic tools like find, tar, vi, etc. The almalinux:latest tag will always point to the latest stable release of the default image. Major releases and minor releases are also tagged with their version (e.g. almalinux:8 or almalinux:8.4).

The AlmaLinux community would like to personally thank community contributor Bala Raman for of his hard work and dedication to the Cloud and Containers SIG. If containers are your thing and you’d like to contribute, please join us on AlmaLinux Community Chat or on our Containers forum.