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Sponsor Webinar: ELevate: Upgrading in Place for RHEL-based Distros Has Finally Arrived with Tuxcare

benny Vasquez

Chair, AlmaLinux OS Foundation

I’m excited to be joining an upcoming webinar with one of our sponsors: Tuxcare. Alongside Artem Karasev, Senior Product Marketing Manager at TuxCare, I’ll be talking about the new additions to ELevate, along with all of the things our community members need for upgrading their OS using ELevate!  If you’re already in, Register now!

Webinar highlights

  • How to use the ELevate tool to migrate and/or upgrade your enterprise Linux deployments to a new distribution, including AlmaLinux, CentOS Stream, Oracle Linux, and others
  • Why many organizations are opting to migrate their CentOS 6 and 7 systems to AlmaLinux as a community-owned, forever-free replacement distribution
  • How organizations can level up their AlmaLinux experience with affordable commercial support that delivers premium enterprise-grade services

Webinar Summary

With the end of life (EOL) of CentOS 7 less than two months away, many organizations are turning to the AlmaLinux OS Project’s ELevate tool to enable a smooth transition to other RHEL-based distributions.

Join us on May 15th to see everything that this migration and upgrade tool has to offer. You’ll also learn how to secure long-term, affordable commercial support for your enterprise Linux deployments after your ELevate-assisted transition is complete. Register here!