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Why I wanted to help translate the AlmaLinux website to Hebrew

Noam Alum

System Administrator at JetServer Hosting


I remember back in March when I went to CloudFest I was so excited to meet benny Vasquez, the chair of AlmaLinux OS Foundation, and when I got the chance to speak to her she gave me a lot of inspiration to contribute to AlmaLinux in any way I can.

First thing I did when I got back home was open an account in the AlmaLinux chat and the AlmaLinux Forums to start engaging with the community.

While translating the website to Hebrew was not on the top of my list it certainly was in mind, as a system administrator in a web-hosting company I can appreciate a good distribution when I see one, and so far I’ve been loving AlmaLinux OS!

Most of our servers are using AlmaLinux OS and I can recall that a lot web-hosting companies in Israel are using it as well, this made me feel compelled to translate the website to Hebrew and make it more appealing for Hebrew-speaking users.

My experience

First of all I want to thank Cody Robertson for helping with adding RTL support to the website when it lacked it! The experience I’ve had while talking to fellow contributors was nothing but amazing, with fast response and care taken for you I was astonished how can a foundation run so smoothly and reliably.

Translating the website was very straightforward. After creating an account in Weblate and heading to the AlmaLinux Foundation project I just needed to translate random sentences or words from English to Hebrew and all the hard work is done by Weblate and the industrious approvers.

I encourage anyone to start and contribute to the AlmaLinux Foundation in any way they can, especially with translating the website to make it more accessible. It takes little-to-no linux knowledge to contribute in that way.

Click here to go to Weblate

benny asked me to write a documentation on how to help translate the website, I was very comforted by the fact she asked ME out of everyone else to do so! Naturally, I agreed to do so, and I hope this helps!

If you have any questions about translations, come ask them in the ~www room on the AlmaLinux Mattermost chat!