AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 are both stable! Checkout AlmaLinux OS 9.4 Stable and AlmaLinux OS 8.10 Stable for more information!

AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Stable Now Available

Jack Aboutboul


Hi, Community! The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is thrilled to announce that AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Stable is now available. This stable release for x86_64 and ARM architectures is ready for production installations and to power all your computing needs and workloads. So grab it from the nearest mirror and join us on the AlmaLinux Community Chat to discuss.

The Raspberry Pi image is also updated to the newest version.

Our Live Images, Cloud and Container images updates are in process and will be updated shortly as well.

A Very Special Thank You to the CentOS Project and Team

For the last almost 20 years the CentOS Project and the team behind it have served the community faithfully and provided us with a stable and free enterprise-grade operating system and community. As the sun sets for CentOS Linux and it reaches end-of-life, The AlmaLinux OS Foundation, team and community members would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the CentOS team for all they have done, and made possible, for almost two decades. We look forward to continue collaborating and engaging with the CentOS Stream process and encourage the greater EL community to do so too as the Community Enterprise Operating System continues its evolution.

Release Notes and More Information

You can read more about this stable release by checking out the Release Notes. AlmaLinux OS 8.5 includes features and improvements to container tools to reduce friction and make the build and deploy processes more flexible, support for OpenJDK 17, additional OpenSCAP profiles for hardening and security compliance, new system roles, and Network Time Security (NTS) for NTP, amongst other additions and enhancement.

Don’t Just Read This. Come Help!

Your effort and contributions are what make great releases like this possible. Join us. Please report any bugs you may see on the Bug Tracker. Join the AlmaLinux Community Chat if you need any help, post a question, or even if you just want to hang out. Reach us on Reddit and on Twitter. Have fun with the new release and as always happy hacking.