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Be heard! Join the AlmaLinux Foundation as a Member or Sponsor. Own and vote on shaping the future of AlmaLinux OS!

The AlmaLinux Foundation is the entity behind AlmaLinux OS, the forever-free Enterprise-grade Linux distribution. As a member, you will have a voice in the direction of the project, and can vote for and be voted into the Board of Directors by other members. There are several pathways available for becoming a member, including project contributors, mirror maintainers/sponsors and service providers to the community, as well as official sponsors for the project.

The merit of each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Board or by a committee appointed for this purpose, according to the Bylaws established by the Board.

Membership guidelines are available here

Join AlmaLinux OS Foundation
Contributor Membership
Qualification anyone approved as a contributing member by membership committee based on their contribution to AlmaLinux
Term re-qualified annually
  • listing on our website in a contributing member list
  • contributing member AlmaLinux logo
  • 1 vote for a board seat
Official Mirror Membership
Qualification acceptance as AlmaLinux mirror by tech committee
Term as long as mirror is operational
Benefits All contributor membership benefits and
  • Listing as an official AlmaLinux mirror
  • Official AlmaLinux mirror logo
Silver Membership Gold Membership Platinum Membership
All of the Silver membership benefits plus… All of the Gold membership benefits
Voting benefits a potential seat on the board of directors
  • be able to nominate someone
  • 5 votes for a board seat
a potential seat on the board of directors
  • be able to nominate someone
  • 15 votes for a board seat
a potential seat on the board of directors
  • be able to nominate someone' %}
  • 50 votes for a board seat
Marketing Benefits
  • Your company logo on almalinux website (in one section/category of the website only)
  • Have your companys events featured on our community calendar
  • Exposure through new Silver member group press releases with social media promotion
  • AlmaLinux member logo on your site
  • Inclusion in a round-up of new members
  • Priority access to sponsorship at events
  • Your company logo on AlmaLinux website in up two sections/categories
  • 1 sponsored webinar per year1
  • four sponsored blog posts per year1
  • AlmaLinux will assist in promoting your social media for Linux related content (e.g. tweets and retweets)
  • Membership launch blog announcing your Gold/Platinum membership
  • Your company logo on AlmaLinux website in up three sections/categories
  • 2 sponsored webinars per year1
  • Dedicated press release announcing membership
Additional Benefits
  • Direct access to AlmaLinux executives and staff to help with consultation, planning, and engagement opportunities, including advance information on upcoming announcements and projects.
Fees (Annual) $2,500 $20,000 $100,000
Alternative contribution per membership committee confirmation: Any contribution of hardware or services based on board approval per membership committee confirmation:
  • One dedicated FTE working on AlmaLinux
  • or
  • annual service credits or hardware donation valued at $20,000 or more
per membership committee confirmation:
  • Three dedicated FTE working on AlmaLinux

Contributor Member

An individual application for anyone who uses AlmaLinux OS, contributes to AlmaLinux OS, provides services to the AlmaLinux OS community or otherwise supports the AlmaLinux OS.

Mirror Member

An individual or entity that provides the project with mirror(s) for content distribution. Only one member application per individual or entity will be accepted, irrespective of contributed number of mirrors.

Sponsor Member

Entities who wish to contribute funding for the project through sponsorship.

Do you have membership related questions? Contact us.
Board of Directors
benny Vasquez
benny Vasquez
AlmaLinux OS Foundation
Chair, BoD
Jack Aboutboul
Jack Aboutboul
AlmaLinux OS Community Manager
CloudLinux Inc
Jesse Asklund
Jesse Asklund
Global head of customer experience for WebPros
Simon Phipps
Simon Phipps
open source advocate and a former president of the Open Source Initiative