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AlmaLinux OS Stable Release is live!

Jack Aboutboul


We are very happy to announce that today we are releasing the first AlmaLinux OS stable version. That’s right, you can go right ahead and download the stable version and use it everywhere you need a stable, reliable, Linux distribution. For some time now we also have the conversion script in our GitHub repository, so you can also convert your system to AlmaLinux OS stable using it if you don’t feel like reinstalling from scratch. AlmaLinux OS, the forever-free open source enterprise-grade Linux is ready. If you’ve been following us on Reddit or on our other social media outlets, you also know we had a live launch party just now. We talked to some of our community, industry partners and team members. You can find the link for the recorded version shortly in here. We are also announcing the formation of a non-profit organization that will take over responsibility for managing the AlmaLinux OS project going forward, and some of the board members that will steer that effort. You’ll have more details about it in an upcoming post, but you can check the recording of the presentation event where we talk to some of them and get their view for the future of the project and where they see AlmaLinux OS going forward. So, after about 4 months since the decision to steer CentOS in a different path, you now have a 1:1 binary compatible drop-in replacement, with a very long support timeframe. You can use it for any general purpose computing need, in bare-metal installations, in virtual machines, in containers, on cloud providers - we got you covered with official images for all those cases. And have we mentioned ARM supported is coming soon too? You can find the ISO downloads here, the migration script here, and other images in the usual locations. There was just so many things announced that it’s hard to keep track. We also have Errata support (which CentOS lacked), a merchandise shop for your AlmaLinux OS swag, and much more. Go right ahead and use it. The AlmaLinux OS Team