Introducing ELevate Project, an open source initiative to assist users perform migrations between different RHEL-derivative based distributions. Mehr lesen

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Major-Version Upgrades

It wasn't possible--until now. Easily migrate between major versions of RHEL-based distributions from 7.x to 8.x. Preserve your applications, your data, and your sanity. Run the most recent version of the OS and software you need.

Package Evolution Service

The beating heart of ELevate is the Package Evolution Service (PES) which allows you to download, customize and even submit new data sets for packages. Users and maintainers can both utilize the PES to help make migrations smooth and easy.

Communityweites Projekt

ELevate wird distributionsunabhängig entwickelt und ist als Tool für das komplette Ökosystem, nicht nur AlmaLinux, gedacht. ELevate erlaubt Migrationen zu/von anderen Distributionen und jedem ist es möglich zum Projekt beizutragen.

Was ist ELevate?
ELevate is a project aimed to provide the ability to migrate between major versions of RHEL-based distributions from 7.x to 8.x. It combines Red Hat's Leapp framework with a community created library and service for the migration metadata set required for it.
Das sieht cool aus. Wie kann ich dazu beitragen?
First join us at #migration Mattermost channel. You can find the tool code here: and you can add/edit/interact with package metadata at
Ist das bereit für Produktion?
YMMV. Every environment is different and unique based on applications and configurations. Since this is still under development, to avoid any surprises, we highly recommend that you test migrations scenarios in a VM or sandbox before running a migration in production.
Welche Betriebssysteme unterstützt ELevate?
Currently ELevate provides Leapp data for migration from CentOS 7 to the following OS:
  • AlmaLinux OS 8
  • CentOS Stream 8
  • EuroLinux 8
  • Oracle Linux 8
  • Rocky Linux 8
Will migration be "in-place"?
Ja. Alle deine Daten, Anwendungen und Einstellungen bleiben erhalten.
Ist das live oder ist ein Neustart notwendig?
Migrationen benötigen zwei System-Neustarts.
Was macht der Package Evolution Service?
The Package Evolution Service stores package migration metadata. Metadata answers questions about how packages evolve between major distribution releases. PES supports several classes of rules for packages such as added, removed, renamed, split, merged, and so on. The service also allows everyone to improve the data by adding new actions or even create a custom dataset for packages from third-party or private repositories.
RedHat offers a data set which is non-freely licensed. Are you using this same data set?
Nein. Wir respektieren Red Hats Arbeit. Unser Datensatz wurde durch die AlmaLinux Foundation und Beiträge von Oracle bereitgestellt.
Unter welcher Lizenz stehen eure Metadaten?
Unsere Metadaten stellen wir unter der Apache License bereit.
Warum unterstützt ihr die Migration zu anderen Distributionen?
The CentOS ecosystem is a very large and diverse community. We've developed this project in good faith in the hope that everyone in the community can use and contribute to, no matter which distro you prefer. That's the open source way.