AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 are both stable! Checkout AlmaLinux OS 9.4 Stable a AlmaLinux OS 8.10 Stable for more information!

GitLab Moves to AlmaLinux as Supported Platform

Jack Aboutboul


GitLab has switched from CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux as a supported platform. CentOS itself reached end of life (EOL) on December 31, 2021, and enterprise users in multiple industries are looking at alternatives.

GitLab provides a DevOps platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster and efficiently, while strengthening security and compliance.. GitLab has an estimated 30 million+ registered users (both Paid and Free) from startups to global enterprises..

“With CentOS going EOL, we needed to choose a build platform to replace our Centos8 build machines. Omnibus GitLab is a way to package different services and tools required to run GitLab, so that most users can install it without laborious configuration. We needed a ‘boring’ solution, and AlmaLinux was asked for by our users,” said DJ Mountney, Engineering Manager, Distribution Build at GitLab.

AlmaLinux is a community owned and governed, forever-free enterprise grade Linux distribution that provides a robust production platform. AlmaLinux is 1:1 binary compatible with RHEL. The release of AlmaLinux 8.5 was within 48 hours of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.5 release, cementing AlmaLinux’s position as a CentOS alternative and delivering on its promise of timely releases for the community. Recently, AlmaLinux has also recently surpassed 1 Million Docker pulls, released a build for the PowerPC architecture and is working on additional architecture support for s390x as well as the next major version release.

“AlmaLinux is very excited to be the stage to GitLab’s rockstar, a product which means so much to and is trusted by millions of developers across the world,“ said Jack Aboutboul, community manager for AlmaLinux. “It’s been very validating for us to see widespread developer adoption and GitLab makes us especially proud since it empowers developers to do their best work every single day. They are true friends of the Open Source community, and we are glad that our ‘boring’ solution will help give rise to the next exciting thing.”

GitLab Resources for Using AlmaLinux