AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 are both stable! Checkout AlmaLinux OS 9.4 Stable and AlmaLinux OS 8.10 Stable for more information!

AlmaLinux Cloud, Container and Live Media Images Updates

Andrew Lukoshko

Release Engineering Lead

Hey Community! We have been doing a ton of work to automate our image creation, and have been making some important changes for AlmaLinux 9.4 and 8.10 images. While the image updates come out quickly after version releases now, we still wanted to highlight some improvements and changes we’ve made. We have also heard from some of you that you have come to rely on this announcement, so here it is for AlmaLinux 9.4 and 8.10.

Cloud and Container Images Updates and Changes

AlmaLinux OS provides a variety of cloud images that have been updated to 9.4 and 8.10 including:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Generic Cloud
    • Impacted architectures: x86_64, AArch64, ppc64le, s390x. The size of the boot partition (/boot) increased from 512 MiB to 1024 MiB / 1GiB. This means that three and more kernels can be installed and enables larger initramfs (initial ram file system) and kernel related development.
  • OpenNebula
    • Impacted architecture: x86_64. AlmaLinux OpenNebula images now have unified - BIOS and UEFI - boot support. The download URLs of the UEFI images are symlinked to the current image for compatibility.
  • Microsoft Azure

You can also find the Cloud Images Changelog in the AlmaLinux Wiki.

Container images have been updated as well.

  • You can get official Docker images and OCI Images from, and starting with AlmaLinux versions 9.4 and 8.10 you can also get the container images from GitHub packages.
  • We’ve updated scripts and workflows to build AlmaLinux container images. They are now based on GitHub Actions. We welcome contributors and interested ones to the new GitHub repo - container-images.

If you want to contribute to Cloud or Container images or have any questions, please join the Cloud SIG.

Live Media Images

All Live Media images were also updated to versions AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 which includes the following variants:

  • GNOME-Mini
  • KDE - kdepim-addons package for additional plugins for KDE PIM applications has been added back.
  • MATE
  • XFCE

OpenVPN tools for integrating VPN into NetworkManager including desktop-specific packages are now pre-installed in all Live Media images.

More Options

The following options have also been updated to the latest versions:

You can check the AlmaLinux website for a full list of images AlmaLinux provides.

How to Help and Contribute

All your contributions, feedback, and bug reports help us improve AlmaLinux.

Please, check the Help and Support wiki page, and join us on the AlmaLinux Community Chat for any help, assistance, or to discuss anything. Reach out to us on Reddit, Mastodon at, and follow us on X (formerly known as Twitter).