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AlmaLinux OS 9 Patching for CVE-2024-6409

Andrew Lukoshko

Release Engineering Lead

AlmaLinux OS 9 is impacted by a newly disclosed vulnerability in OpenSSH’s server (sshd) in glibc-based Linux systems similiar to last week’s CVE-2024-6387. The new vulnerability has been assigned the identifier CVE-2024-6409. It involves a signal handler race condition, which could expose your system to potential security risks.

At AlmaLinux, we place security first and we are committed to delivering patches to our users as quickly as possible, especially when our community needs them. The decision to build the update and push the package to production without waiting for a CentOS Stream or RHEL update was made by our newly-formed technical steering committee, ALESCo.

The OpenSSH patch for CVE-2024-6409 has been released and is available for AlmaLinux OS 9 users.

Update the OpenSSH package to protect your system against this issue:

sudo dnf --refresh upgrade openssh

Confirm the updated version. You are looking for openssh-8.7p1-38.el9_4.1.alma.1.

rpm -q openssh

Stay Informed

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