AlmaLinux 9.4 and AlmaLinux 8.10 are both stable! Checkout AlmaLinux OS 9.4 Stable and AlmaLinux OS 8.10 Stable for more information!

Get ready for ELevateNG

Sofia Boldyreva

Technical Writer for AlmaLinux OS Project

Hello, Community! We are excited to see our ELevate Project growing and to share updates with you. To keep it going, we need your help and support - we are looking for contributors and testers for the ELevate NG.

Unless we encounter any blockers, the current version of ELevateNG will move to stable the week of August 5th.

Testing time!

In January we announced the availability of ELevateNG (Next Generation) for testing. ELevateNG is based on leapp version 0.19.0 and includes upstream features and bugfixes.

ELevateNG now includes all of the updates that we wanted to make, including the rebase, and it is now ready for testing, before we move this version to stable! Most recently we added EPEL and 3rd party repositories support to this version:

  • EPEL support is currently available for the migrations to AlmaLinux OS only.
  • Imunify and KernelCare repositories are currently available only for migrations to EL8.
  • MariaDB, nginx and PostgreSQL are available for all supported OSes.

We welcome you to help us improve the project and contribute to ELevateNG:

  • We are seeking for contributors to add EPEL support for migrations to other distributions.
  • We are also calling for ELevate testers. For guidance during testing, please refer to ELevate Testing Guide available in the Wiki. Let us know how ELevate NG works for you and please, do not use it on production machines.

Where to Joins Us

Join the Migration Chat Channel to let us know how it goes or if you need any assistance. You can also file the bugs or issues to the leapp repository.

We deeply appreciate your support, it means the world to us.