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Welcoming Cybertrust Japan again as a Platinum Sponsor Member

benny Vasquez

Chair, AlmaLinux OS Foundation

Earlier today, we announced that our friends at Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd, have renewed their platinum sponsor membership. As a subsidiary of SB Technology Corp, this level of commitment to the foundation is huge, and we cannot thank them enough.

Last year when Cybertrust Japan approached us, we knew that we were welcoming a partners. They are anticipating using AlmaLinux as the base for MIRACLE LINUX 10, and have spent the last year contributing to AlmaLinux in a number of ways, including expanding our SBOM support and they played a key role in organizing the first-ever AlmaLinux Day: Tokyo.

As we highlighted in the press release, Cybertrust Japan’s sizable contributions to AlmaLinux will allow us to expand AlmaLinux OS’s security and adoption in Asia. We’ve also seen a noticeable upswing in the adoption of AlmaLinux in Japan!

Since May of 2023…

  • We have more than doubled the number of mirrors hosted in Japan
  • We have nearly tripled the number of Japan-based ALOSF members
  • We have grown the number of devices calling home for updates in Asia by 40%

Cybertrust Japan’s support is a clear catalyst for this, and we’re so grateful!

What’s Next?

We plan to participate in the Open Source Summit in October, expand meetup group and user group participation, and participate in more open source conferences in Japan, as well as setting up another AlmaLinux Day: Tokyo this year!

We’ll also have more sponsorship announcements coming throughout the year with both new and returning sponsors. Those sponsorships will help us continue to meet the goals and needs of our community, and expand the number of ways and places we get to meet our users. If you’ve been on the fence about joining us as a sponsor, feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to help you decide if sponsorship is the right move.